How Big Can Snakes Get?

Los Angeles snake

Some people think that most snakes can grow into the size of an Anaconda. However, this may not necessarily be a fact; depending on the snake species, it can be smaller or even more extensive than that snake jungle. For instance, you will never see a corn snake that is larger than the Burmese Python. This article will look at some of the known species of snake and their average size.

Why Does Size Matter on Snakes?
There are times that the size of the snake can help you identify the animal. However, it will not always be reliable. Some people have an uncanny ability to overestimate the snake's size when they relay their encounter with the snake. Some people will tell you that their size can extend through the road, but I doubt if that is the real case. What Are the Snakes that Will Remain Small?
For those looking for a pet snake that they can take home, it would be a good idea to start on the snakes that will remain small. For instance, you may want to choose a milk snake. It is a colorful snake that you will see in almost all pet stores. They will only grow at around 36 inches. When in captivity, this snake can live up to 15 years, and there are instances when they can survive up to 20 years. Here are the other small snakes that will be suitable for beginners.
· Corn Snakes- These snakes are known for having a docile nature, and they are not picky with their food. Initially, when they hatch, they will have a length of 8-14 inches. When they reach full maturity, they can measure at about 2.5 to 5 feet.
· Western Hognose Snake- The average size of this creature is 1-3 ft. However, the older specimen in captivity has reached up to 4 ft. Their average lifespan is about 8-10 years.
· African Ball Python- Some people believe that all Python will reach an unbelievable size. However, the African ball python will only get around 3ft.
· King Snakes- If you are worried that you may attract venomous snakes on your property, the king snakes will be your best friend. They are known for devouring different types of snakes, including the venomous ones. Their size may range from 3-4ft.

Which Snakes Can Grow Large?
Some snakes will grow rapidly in size and may surpass more than 20ft in length. They will mature very fast, which will enable them to produce more offspring. Therefore, most of them are considered invasive species since they can threaten the population of other animals in the area. Some of them include the Burmese Python that can grow at around 18 ft, Southern African Python with 16 ft, Boa Constrictor with 13 ft, and the yellow anaconda that will grow at an average of 12ft. Understanding how big snakes can get is essential among snake pet owners. It allows them to choose the right size of the terrarium and adequately plan for their snake as it grows big.

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